Our services include:


We offer a surveying service, providing a detailed report including:

  • descriptions of construction methods used
  • advice on visible defects, potential problems and underlying causes
  • recommendations on what needs to be done and how urgently
  • proposals for thermal and acoustic improvements
  • advice on compliance with Portuguese regulations

Rehabilitation and restoration

Our primary passion is rehabilitation – urban and rural – supporting projects that seek to maintain and enhance older properties whilst making them suitable for modern living. Based on your aspirations, we can draw up options compatible with the heritage and setting of the building or site you’ve bought or are considering buying. In addition, we can provide advice on financial viability, access planning, choice of materials, and local/regional vernacular.

We can support applications for fiscal benefits, including tax incentives, whether related to Urban Rehabilitation Areas (ARUs) or other programmes; and can draw on our partners in the world of conservation to ensure the integrity of historic properties is restored and enhanced.

"Critical Friend"

As a client-focused practice, our flexibility and responsiveness to your needs and requirements is paramount.

If you have clear plans, intend to carry out work yourselves, or have already engaged with some of the necessary professionals, we may still be able to support you. We can provide light-touch sense checking, investigate options to problem-solve – or just provide occasional reassurance.