About Reabilitejo

If you’re looking for planning, rehabilitation or conservation support, Reabilitejo can help!

At Reabilitejo, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, experienced, practical and professional support. We understand Portuguese planning and administration, and can help you navigate this complex system. We also know how important it is to understand our clients and their objectives, and provide pragmatic, realistic, and individually tailored advice.


Our services include:


We offer a surveying service, providing a detailed report including:

  • descriptions of construction methods used
  • advice on visible defects, potential problems and underlying causes
  • recommendations on what needs to be done and how urgently
  • proposals for thermal and acoustic improvements
  • advice on compliance with Portuguese regulations

Rehabilitation and restoration

Our primary passion is rehabilitation – urban and rural – supporting projects that seek to maintain and enhance older properties whilst making them suitable for modern living. Based on your aspirations, we can draw up options compatible with the heritage and setting of the building or site you’ve bought or are considering buying. In addition, we can provide advice on financial viability, access planning, choice of materials, and local/regional vernacular.

We can support applications for fiscal benefits, including tax incentives, whether related to Urban Rehabilitation Areas (ARUs) or other programmes; and can draw on our partners in the world of conservation to ensure the integrity of historic properties is restored and enhanced.

"Critical Friend"

As a client-focused practice, our flexibility and responsiveness to your needs and requirements is paramount.

If you have clear plans, intend to carry out work yourselves, or have already engaged with some of the necessary professionals, we may still be able to support you. We can provide light-touch sense checking, investigate options to problem-solve – or just provide occasional reassurance.

Our Team

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Partner and Technical Director

Matthew's focus and specialism is the integrated rehabilitation of older buildings, identifying pathologies and establishing the most appropriate strategies for restoring and improving projects within their urban or rural contexts, taking into account the needs of whoever will own and use them. He can give you the right advice on making your property comfortable, flexible and legally compliant whilst conserving and enhancing its historic value and authenticity.

Matthew is a chartered planner with experience of planning policy, development management and community engagement in Portugal, Brazil and the UK. In addition to his rehabilitation work, he's produced strategies and policies for water cycle management, sustainable urban drainage, the control of light pollution, and the conservation and enhancement of the historic environment. He's also been involved in international projects around the sustainability of urban and rural heritage.

Matthew is a member of both the Royal Town Planning Institute (MRTPI) and the Associação Portuguesa de Urbanistas (APU).

Partner and Operations Director

Thomas began his career in the public sector in the UK, in operational, administrative and political environments. He has spent many years building international partnerships in the public and voluntary sectors, and developing and managing projects across multiple countries, in Europe and beyond.

Thomas has managed and transformed substantial property portfolios, re-thinking their use, configuration and sustainability, with budgets, timescales and client requirements of primary importance. For three years, Thomas led a change programme as Bursar at a large grammar school, where he rapidly modernised financial management, transformed HR, and improved premises whilst delivering savings.

Thomas brings with him a zeal for transformation, a commitment to challenge resolution and outcome delivery, keen attention to detail, and well-developed relationship-building and communication skills.

Associates and Partners

Technical Associate

Úrsula is passionate about cities, including all their nooks and crannies, and those details that make the difference between "anyplace" and "this place". Úrsula has an architectural background and has undertaken a variety of residential and commercial projects.

“Strong professional ethics and respect for my clients are values that I consider essential to a healthy and productive working relationship. In every job, I strive to present the best solutions to meet the needs of the clients, delivering projects to suit their identity and personality.”

Technical Associate

Marcelle has a background in rehabilitation and urban planning, having studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and at the University of Coimbra.

Urban rehabilitation of historic settlements is one of the main areas of focus for Marcelle, and she recognises that the regeneration of these areas can provide an exponential increase in the quality of life for local people.