About Us

We help people take better-informed decisions when

older property.

We offer genuinely independent advice
with no vested interest in any transactions

with sellers, agents or contractors.

Our Services

Our main services are:

Surveys & Inspections

building condition
thermal comfort
topography/land boundaries

Technical Assessments

heritage value & significance
enivronment, landscape & visual impact

Planning Advice

ensuring your aspirations are achievable
in the context of legislation & regulation

Project Scoping & Critical Friend

helping you prepare for project delivery & monitoring

In addition, we can offer support with:
shortlisting properties, helping you match them with your needs/aspirations;
property and location visits, video tours, desktop assessments;
advice and insight on pre-purchase considerations.

Our Team

Matthew Nouch
Partner and Technical Director

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Thomas Molloy
Partner and Director of Operations

Our Associates

Úrsula Carvalho
Technical Associate

Marcelle Pascoal
Technical Associate

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